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Question ..... tinnitus here, or hear???

Do believe I have recently, last two weeks, come down with what is a strong case of tinnitus; irritating, constant noise within my head. It is similar to a high pitched sound of steam escaping from a steam radiator vent, or maybe a constant electronic sound made when turning an oscilloscope.

Is definitely a major distraction and constant annoyance either coming from the ears, and centered in the brain ...... somewhere, in there.

If I am able to peddle up this huge health hill of a problem right now, all things considered, coasting down the hill on the good side of a tinnitus relief cure will be a major blessing.

Have I seen a medical doctor ...... not yet ...... will I see one ..... I had better go see the doctor, very soon.

Anyone here have any experience, suggestions, or advice on this very serious health issue I am experiencing ....... tinnitus?

I am age 69 and generally in very excellent health, and look forward to living to age 99 ...... but for now, i need to get this interior brain/ear irritant noise cured! ......
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!
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