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Originally Posted by SAMIAM View Post
Cornerhouse, I had to smile at your mention of being fined for letting a youth worker clock out a couple of minutes late.
The labor board has no mercy, even during such hard times.
10 years ago I was audited by the labor board. They went back 4 years and found 600 violations. I had been under the impression that Friday was considered a weekend so I worked all my teens past 9 pm but the board considers Friday a school night.
I explained that it was an innocent mistake but they weren't hearing that and fined me $ 60,000.....$100 per violation
The fine was eventually dropped but only after many thousands in legal fees and numerous hearings.
Going to be a tough winter for many in this business. Good luck
Had the same happen to me about ten years ago. Most of my I-9s were not completed correctly. We ended up with a $38,000 fine. My inspector assured me going to court would be bad for me. She mentioned a couple of restaurants that had fought them a couple years earlier and how they had their names dragged through the mud. We ultimately settled with them in an informal court controlled by them. It was literally extortion in my opinion. We had violations but they should give you a chance to correct them before handing out the fine. I believe they have changed that policy since Sununu has been Governor. They also would not answer my question of where the money from my fine was going as I was writing them a check. They were more interested in generating revenue than compliance.
Ill get off my soapbox now. Im not a fan of them.
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