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Thumbs down Government intervention...ugh!

Originally Posted by SAMIAM View Post
Cornerhouse, I had to smile at your mention of being fined for letting a youth worker clock out a couple of minutes late.
The labor board has no mercy, even during such hard times.
10 years ago I was audited by the labor board. They went back 4 years and found 600 violations. I had been under the impression that Friday was considered a weekend so I worked all my teens past 9 pm but the board considers Friday a school night.
I explained that it was an innocent mistake but they weren't hearing that and fined me $ 60,000...……..$100 per violation
The fine was eventually dropped but only after many thousands in legal fees and numerous hearings.
Going to be a tough winter for many in this business. Good luck
If that scenario isn’t a prime example of government stepping in to “help” small businesses!
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