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Originally Posted by Sue Doe-Nym View Post
We just returned from a delectable dinner at The New Woodshed. Everything would have been perfect with 2 caveats, and this is where I expect to be slammed by some. #1) when did it become acceptable for a male to wear a hat indoors, particularly in a high end restaurant? #2) when did it become acceptable for parents to bring whiny, crying children to such a place, failing to take them outside for the sake of other diners? Maybe I am showing my age, but we never would have done either thing. This scenario bothered my daughter much more than it did me. Maybe I am a mean old bat, but what has happened to respect?
Okay, now let me have it.
Sue Doe-nym, I'm showing my age as well. Having read most of the posts to this point, I find myself totally archaic. I have been married to the same lady for a few months shy of 50 years. Starting in my pre-teen years, I was taught to open car doors for women, hold doors into buildings for women and other folks right behind us ("nice job, lousy pay, but I meet nice people.), I will help my wife with her chair, I do order for my wife if it's just the two especially in a nice restaurant, I wear a ball cap of one sort or another, but not in a restaurant, wear a coat and tie to wakes, funerals, weddings, etc unless specified "casual ", and I could go on and on. It is how I was raised, along with civility, respect, and kindness.
Of course, that was back "in the good old days", which may have pretty good after all.

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