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Originally Posted by Woody38 View Post
Dining at the Lyons Den recently there was an elderly gent wearing a hat. I was brought up that one did not wear a hat at dinner unless we were female. Not that it bothered me but strange. Children is another story. Bad parenting. We had thanksgiving dinner at Dan'l Webster in Sandwich with our 5 and 8 year old sons. An elderly couple were taken to a table next to us and the lady asked if there was another table after seeing the boys. Answer this was the only table. This couple finished before we did and they made a point of commenting on how well behaved the boys were. We knew there would not be a problem. We all see young children roaming tables and being a nuisance. Bad parenting.
You've reminded me of a humorous thread from 13 years ago . The question is quoted below:

"What should a customer do if their meal is being ruined by a disruptive table. I was at a nearly empty restaurant (it was Super Bowl Sunday and the Pats were playing...figured it was a perfect time for a non-football fan to celebrate finishing her MS degree at a normally "3-hour wait" restaurant). The only other party there consisted of 4 adults and 2 children, who were allowed by the adults to have the run of the restaurant. One of the girls was named "Artemis" which I know because I must have heard her name 1000 times..."Artemis, stop...Artemis, come here...Artemis, sit down." Should I have complained to my server or the manager about this other table, especially since this was a higher-end establishment?

Thanks for any advice,"
Today, Artemis is nearing her 20's: What would she think of her parents "discipline"?
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