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Never heard of Larry David- funny, funny stuff!!!

This whole thread makes me laugh, in a good sort of way.

Went to Lyons Den, first time ever, a week ago. The duck was delicious with the apricot sauce- great stuffing, too!

Anyway, the wife and I were going to go, alone, but her 37 y.o. son and his girlfriend decided to join us. As we left the house wifey says "You're not going to wear a hat, are you?" (Of course, I didn't). I like the eight-piecer style caddy cap- some call them scalley caps.

Guess who walks in to the restaurant wearing dark shades and the backward baseball cap- all through dinner. Nobody cared- he wasn't the only one. There were two 50s-ish guys wearing ball caps too- old looking jeans/tee shirts.

Yes, this was in the dining room.

Food and service were great- the waitress was a bit weird (kind of a nasally, yak-yaky voice, but very nice.

Someone here mentioned a lamb dish- that will be next!
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