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My general rule, and one that I try and instill in my children, is to be aware of the setting you are in, be tolerant of others, donít make assumptions, and when out in public, my behavior should not negatively impact othersí experience.

To the points of the OP, someone wearing a hat in a fine restaurant - not something I would do and I would ask my children to remove theirs if theyíre with me. Donít wear hats inside - itís the polite thing to do. That said, if someone wears one, it doesnít negatively impact my dining experience.

Loud, unruly, boorish behavior, whether from a child or adult, does impact my experience and should not happen in a fine restaurant. If youíre loud and obnoxious in a bar or pub setting, itís not something I do, but that can be part of the environment and I know that when I frequent a bar, pub, or other such establishment.

Being rude, condescending, or just a jerk is never okay.
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