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Originally Posted by MotorHead View Post
So, you have a tankless combi boiler, provides both heat and hot water?
Can you turn the heat on, take a shower, turn the dishwasher on and do the laundry at the same time.

If you can, I am very much interested in the details of your heating system.
I installed the Rannai E-Series condensing boiler. I believe there is about a $1500 energy rebate on the boiler. And possibly more from NHsaves.

I have natural gas at my home, but they are available for propane as well. One nice feature I like, when I am away and the temperature is below freezing, you can set it up so that the pump is running continuously to prevent frozen pipes in your heating system. A nice feature to have when you lower the temperature to save energy.

Make sure you read the owner's manual about setting up your room thermostat. A condensing boiler is programmed to learn to send only enough heat to the building to compensate for the outside temperature. The anticipation should be 1 degree or less.

And yes, I can have two showers going, with the dishwasher and or laundry going at the same time.

I did research and found I save about 70% in gas for my hot water. I had a 10-year-old 60 gallon NG hot water heater. I also save about 30% in my home heating. I had a 30-year-old Celtic boiler.
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