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Default Season Over

Well, the 2020 salmon season officially ended for me yesterday.

I removed all my gear from the boat and island home and brought it to the mainland house. I will go through it all over the late winter months replacing leader and line and whatever else is needed. This always helps to get my blood going for the spring salmon season to start!

While this year was certainly not my best year fishing by a long shot, it was certainly one of hope for the fishery.

Since the closing of the Powder Mill Hatchery last year, the Nashua Federal hatchery has taken over raising the salmon. The salmon that were stocked this year that came from Nashua, were the largest salmon stocked in a very long time or at least that I can remember!

I have hope that if they (Nashua) will continue to raise and stock salmon the same size they did this year, we will gradually see increased size and catch least that is my hope!

Till next year...and good riddance to 2020!!

It's Always Sunny On Welch Island!!
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