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Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
You definitely don't want to stain pressure treated wood--it's already absorbed as much as it can. Just a waste of time/money, and not good for the environment.
Disagree with this. When the wood is treated it certainly is very wet with preservative hence why it very heavy. But it doesnt stay that way, it dries out like any other wood. When demoing mine the weight of the wood is not much different than untreated. The preservative doesnt keep it from drying. This is why you are instructed to not stain it for maybe 6 months. While it does dry out the preservative stays in though. I have done both with my decks and just replaced mine 3 years ago. I wont stain this one at all because it seems to only last one season. I'll live with the grey color but you certainly can stain pt and has nothing to do with having "already absorbed as much as it can".
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