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Originally Posted by JEEPONLY View Post
I didn't mean to imply that they won't know how to run a business. Some are born with innate abilities while others are not Of course, Social Darwinism dictates survival of the fittest. Young people who seek out scholarships, apprenticeships or any other programs that will enhance their knowledge, experience and ability will have an upper hand on their peers who, even with good intentions and work ethic, will mostly be weeded out if they think working summers as a kid qualifies them to compete.

With the forecasting of a drop in trades people coming up, I bet some established folks would be willing to hire the right person for lower pay while offering an education unaffordable to many, otherwise.

If they haven't gotten themselves to a point where they can afford to own a business, they don't need to know how to run one.

That's all I meant.
I know lots of great craftsmen who don't either take the time or know how to run their business which is too bad. So I think I agree with you.
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