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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Thinkxingu -- respectfully, if THAT is the working thesis -- someone better explain it to my grown "children" who have houses/cars/ a phone & tablet for every household member/ vacation plans blah, blah, blah -- which I quite frankly stand in AWE of as I see no care or consideration being given to their kids (my grand kids) who will -within a few years- be of college age.

Perhaps my age/ Generation is showing -- but I too digress -- the working thesis that "Bike Week attendance is declining because the younger generation cannot afford as many/as pricey activities". I beg to differ -- they simply don't give a crap about Bike Week -- thus why most attendee's are silver haired !!

Exactly right. I work with a number of associates right out of school...they are bright but culturally quite different than our generation.
  1. For the most part they prefer to live in Boston. They want everything within walking or public transportation reach.
  2. They don't even own cars...many of them don't have a license and others (who do) don't actively drive.
  3. Social interaction is different than our and local interests define social interaction and they tend to stay within bounds.
  4. They do make decent money, however their spending choices are much different than ours (were). In some cases, rent and student loans limit disposable other cases motorcycles and bike week are not in their generational interests.

Just my observations.

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