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Originally Posted by noreast View Post
Exactly right, Health insurance cost more than a mortgage use to, If you're self employed it's double, triple or more of what a mortgage cost in the 80's. The mortgage has also tripled at minimum, along with the tax, It's an absurd argument.
Back in the 80's when my kids were young I had the best health insurance plan for $8000 a year. I paid zero out of my pocket other than a ten dollar co pay and my monthly insurance charge. It covered everything with no deductibles.
A family plan now is 4 times that with $25 co pays and $4000 deductibles for each person. That's insane!
I'm a year away from Medicare and it will cost me more at 65 to get less coverage for just me and my wife than it cost for complete coverage back then when I had a family of 5.
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