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Default .... but Officer, this is a boat!

Ya never know, but with boaters coming and going, either to The Dive's boater take-out window, or for boat docking nearby at the Weirs docks on the other side of the docked or moving 230' M/S Mount Washington cruise ship, it would be a great spot for the MP to stake it out for boater .08-dui ......and you understand that NH does not have an open container law for boats, so why even hide it in a screw top soda bottle?

What is it about motor boaters and alcoholic adult beverages that make the two so attractive to one another? Motor boating and alcohol just seem to be a natural or something ..... so many like to get out in a motor boat, soak up the sunshine, and have a brew or something ..... been going on forever?

Like, with row boats, kayaks, and paddle boards ...... which are all self-propelled ..... people will have a plastic water bottle with drinking water .... and never-ever go boat'n with an adult beverage ...... why is that? But, with motor boats ..... between the very loud and ever present engine roaring noise and effects of the alcohol, it's like a double whammy, or something, and then there's the big strong sun overhead, as well ..... a brew-ha-ha?

Like, with NH not having an open container law for boats ……. sup stand-up paddle boarding down The Dive-Weirs' way seems to be totally legal while wearing this hard hat-two beer can holder …. like no fool'n! .... aka ...... a guzzler hat!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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