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Semi-permanently parking The Dive, , a 66' x 22' (is this correct?) double-deck, floating steel barge-bar-restaurant powered by two large outboard motors, at the The Pier at Weirs' Beach seems like it could be the #1 best spot for it on the whole lake what with all the parking, potential customers, city services, and general Weirs' Beach fun and friendly atmosphere ...... so, best business for The Dive ..... and bottoms up!

About 15 years ago, The Queen of Winnipesaukee, a 45' twin masted sailboat did 90-minute cruises out of the same Pier location, and the City of Laconia would not let it have a lease any longer than one year that was self renewing or something, so The Queen left for Florida.

So, what-o-what will Laconia and the Marine Patrol have to say about The Dive here?

Last summer, didn't The Dive show up unannounced at the Town of Alton town dock only to be met by the flashing blue lights of an Alton Police car at the dock area which would not allow it to use the dock there. So who knows, maybe it does not have all its ducks in a neat row with the City of Laconia and the NH Marine Patrol?

Will the Weirs' gas dock for boats video cam be showing what's happening at The Dive? Ya know that could be a good video cam, and maybe the #1 best thing about this new move ....... The Dive-live, as seen on the gasoline cam shot! Just think ..... you can sit at home with a beer in hand .... in your recliner, rocking chair, or nursing home, assisted care living facility ...... watching CNN, Fox or MSNBC with one eye ..... and watching The Dive live cam with the other ..... just lean back and close both your eyes ...... and soak up all that Dive-Weirs-Winnipesaukee atmosphere ...... holy-moly!
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