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Originally Posted by kawishiwi View Post
The destiny for this thing has always been to be primarily docked somewhere and open for business, with only occasional offshore trips, vs sitting on sand bars.
Unless this is a "hobby" business they need more customers on a more regular basis. Once they experience more $ flow by staying put I think the forays offshore will diminish unless a big $ charter or lakeside wedding or party lures them off the dock.
I still think this will be leased or sold to be added to an existing restaurant whether it is used to add to or establish a waterfront location.
Governance of operations changes when it docked opposed to afloat. I know the Mount Washington has to stop service of alcohol before it gets to the dock. I haven't been on the dive but from what I heard it's a bit pricey and even if the city did let it serve while docked it may have a hard time competing with the price standards of weirs beach.
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