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Default digitroll 10 depth issues for bottom track

Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
I wanted to update post #2 above to let anyone who may be interested in Cannons Digi Troll downriggers, that I have fixed the problem with the bottom tracking and they are now working flawlessly! It only took two years!

While the issue was not user error and definitely a Cannon issue, it was not caused by any electrical interference as I originally thought and stated in my post above.

Too long to post the fix, so I will reply to any interested parties who PM me.

Happy fishing!


Hello all . I just purchased a set of digitroll 10s with bottom track
any suggestions why im getting the same issues as everyone else?
the Reading on the depth is all over the place and ive tried everything to make it work to no avail.
any input would be more than appreciated greatly
thank you
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