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Originally Posted by longislander View Post
Which nonsense?

The recreation folks, who want to have taxpayers pay for recreation in a region renown for free recreation activity? The taxpayers who don't want to fund a free babysitting service via the Rec. Dept.? Another gym? Two and half gyms are not enough for less than 500 "kids" in the schools? The programs for grades 1,2,3, sports that taxpayers have to pay for?

Maybe another petition to eliminate the Recreation Department is what is needed. They put in for another budget of over $300,000 and thank goodness the TA cut it back to $275,000.

Maybe a different thread is needed. This one is fixing the town property bought almost 10 years ago and salvaging value for the taxpayers.

You can try to spin this however you wish but this petition and the out of schedule and costly by the way, town meeting is a Trojan horse for the Very costly and hardly needed Rec center.

Do not be fooled.
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