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Thanks Rusty, for the input! Glad you're partaking in a forum that has rules, and allows for disagreement without personal censoring, like the MoBo blog.

For the rest of the audience, here's the real story on alternative high speed access; not balloons, but fixed wireless in Gigabit speeds that have already been implemented in Vermont rural areas, and in some rural NH towns. The NH DOT and NH FASTROADS, also make use of the technology.

I did suggest to the Broadband committee, while a member, a presentation to the BoS. They prefer to waste the $200,000 in the Tech Fund for on 1-2 Mbps of DSL for the moose on Red Hill, and maybe some personal lines for Board members.

Hopefully, the webmaster will move "broadband" to a different thread if there's an attempt to "hijack" the topic of getting the MoBo Lion's Club rehabilitated.

I'd enjoy participating in the forum, as well.
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