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Default What is your point?

Originally Posted by Sal View Post
I clicked on this thread expecting more qvetching. What a pleasant surprise to find complimentary remarks, rather than the, what has become usual on this forum, "I got screwed", attitude.

Nice goin'. We need more of this kind of thread.

I fail to see your point. The remarks made are those who have had bad experiences with a particular dealership. While my wife is looking into a Subaru, she has yet to do more than talk so no comments can be made on the experience. On the other hand many who have voiced negative remarks about a dealership do so with first hand knowledge of the experience.
Also remember that only a very small fraction of those doing business with dealerships in this area belong to this forum. Although I personally have not heard of any negative comments about Belknap Subaru there could in fact be many unsatisfied people out there who are just not on this boating forum.
I know there have been a lot negative things said for the Irwin Zone, you will find a lot of people in this area that have had poor experiences with them and chose to take their business elsewhere. I is rare that I will meet a fellow contractor that has had a positive thing to say about this dealership, unless they have not had a problem other then normal service which has required interaction with them.
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