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Originally Posted by TheNewGuy View Post
Thanks everyone for all your advice! We had a great day out on the lake. The rental place was out of tubes by the time we checked in so we didn't do that, rather just ran around the northern part of the lake, anchored for a bit at the Braun Bay sandbar at the recommendation of the girl who did our check-in, and then got lunch at Gusto in Center Harbor. Gusto was fantastic and very friendly, I cannot recommend it enough for anyone yet to try it.

Only downside of the day was dinging our prop trying to anchor in a spot where we saw other boats anchored. I guess we just came in from the wrong side, got real shallow and rocky real quick...
I got this far reading and based on your description and the "northern part of the lake" bit I thought, "hmmm... I wonder if he was at Blueberry?" My suspicion was confirmed a few sentences later. Given the conspicuous Private Property/No Trespassing signs, I hope that nobody from any of the visiting boats went feet dry or beached their boat. The waters of the lake belong to everyone, but private property should be respected.
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