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Originally Posted by TheNewGuy View Post
So my plan to dock up and get lunch at Town Docks Restaurant in Meredith is likely a no-go?
You can definitely go to Town Docks for lunch. You can get in on a 21' boat with a 15-20 minute wait at most. Even on the busiest days.

As for what to do -
For tubing out of Meredith, I recommend going around Meredith Neck towards Center Harbor. There are spots near Beaver Island and Pine Island that are good for tubing.

The Navionics boating app is great. Also have a Bizer map with you.

If you go from Meredith to Center Harbor, the section between Spindle point and Eagle Island can be tricky when the lake is busy. If not familiar with that area, it is easier to go through the no wake zone between Eagle and Governors Island. It will only take a couple of minutes more.

Study the map the night before. Recommend for the first time that you set your sights on the Meredith/Center Harbor/Weirs side of the lake. Heading over to Wolfeboro and Alton is a lot of fun, but can take an hour each way depending on the route and the wind/waves.

If you are able to rent for two days and have a dock where you are staying, you will find that the best time on the lake is before 10am and after 4pm.

Have fun!
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