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Originally Posted by Juiced06GTO View Post
Woodsy, I'm not sure if those are the same manifolds, that looks to have a coolant reservoir on it which would suggest a closed cooling system. I am guessing the OP's motor is raw water cooled. I'm not sure what those manifolds look like, but I would think it is a different design. The only way water can get into those cylinders would be through a leaking head gasket or leaking riser manifold gasket, or a wave hit the back of the boat with enough force to flow up the exhaust system and into the cylinder. I'm not sure how else it could get in.

Is it a closed cooling system or raw water? If it is a closed system it would have coolant in it in that tank on the front of the motor in Woodsy's picture. I believe those are set up to pass the coolant through a heat exchanger that is cooled with raw water. The marina should be able to run a pressure test on the cooling system to determine where the leak is though.
Even if it is a closed cooling system... they need to pump raw water thru the heat exchanger and that hot water gets dumped out the exhaust.

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