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Originally Posted by SAB1 View Post
Correct Laketimes. I pretty much burned premium pellets out of Home and Hearth in Hampton when I was in Mass. just seems like everywhere up here does not carry premium pellets. New England’s are common but just an average pellet.
Funny. That’s where I get mine as well. . They actually were just here on Friday to put in a new Harmon as the last Harmon had been running since 1994 and had holes in the tray…. If you have a truck and/or trailer, maybe bring a pallet up on another trip? Completely worth it in my opinion. I am always surprised to see when my step dad buys the ‘Lowe’s special’, how dirty they are and how much more work and cleaning is continuously needed! I’ve twisted his arm, it just hasn’t broken yet…

I’ll ask a few people I know who live up North and see where they get their quality pellets (if they still use them).
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