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Originally Posted by randalnh View Post
Had a cuddy cabin (21' Chapparal) for 15 years at the lake. Only buried the bow once after 2 - 30 footers crossed my path. It was unexpected because the wake from the 2 boats added up and caused a huge swell. I was pretty happy to see that bow rise back up. Got no dog in this fight, but my preference would be a closed bow boat. I have seen that lake get pretty rough between the wind and all of the wakes hitting from different angles. Also liked that the cuddy had a lot of freeboard so there was less wash over into the boat. In the end, it is personal preference and knowing how your boat reacts to the various conditions on the lake.
Neither design can escape the violence of today's wakes. Try a quiet moment stopped anywhere for a floating snack, and you're lucky to keep from being ejected.

Today, being chilly and overcast, hasn't been so bad.

With the exception of pontoon boats (of any size), there are simply too many over-sized boats out there. (Over-sized boats don't even have to behave to ruin someone's afternoon ).
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