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As an islander, going out in all sorts of weather to get to work, I prefer the cuddy. (24' SeaRay) Yes, I have buried the bow in smaller boats and I wouldn't want to do that in a BR. Nice to have easy lockable storage to keep stuff out of sight when the boat is unattended. Occasionally, somebody sleeps aboard. We also have a head in the cuddy. Privacy is important to many folks.
I prefer to ride farther back, its smoother. My daughter has a 19' BR. It was their compromise between center console for fishing and a closed bow. The kids love to ride up front and bounce around. Whoever is driving rarely sits, so visibility is no problem. In the rain, cold weather, everybody sits in back same as closed bow, but there really isn't much dry storage. Real die-hard islanders like Steve-on-Mark have a closed cabin. It's the difference between needed transportation and only going out when the sun is shining and it is warm. (Transportation vs Recreation. Lots of islanders have more than one boat, for different generations, not counting jet skis).
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