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I had bow riders for 20 years on the lake and loved them. Now I have a closed bow boat and don't think I will ever go back.

I agree with XCR-700 - The kids all wanted to be up front, the adults were in the back and I felt like I had to watch the lake AND watch the kids. I was getting way too stressed and pissed off every-time we took the boat out.

Plus, I work in emergency medicine and there was a bad call with a kid leaning over to touch the water in a bow rider and it left me with a bit of PTSD.

Anyway, I got my boat 4 years ago and absolutely love it every-time I take it out. Everyone likes hanging out in the big open back cockpit. There are no kids trying to go from front to back while underway. Its the job of the adults in the back to watch the kids. And I just worry about driving the boat.

One of the best things I've ever done for my enjoyment of the lake!
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