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Originally Posted by pjard View Post

I have solar panels as well and typically late fall I still have "banked" electricity to use for "free". I've done the math and you are right. Pellets don't save you a dime if you have oil or even a high efficiency heat pump. However, it's a much nicer heat. It's pretty much concentrated in the room you are in (we have two stoves). It's probably break even at best but we burn about 3 tons a year. Again, it's just a nice warm heat on a cold night.
Totally agree, the primary heat source in the duplex up north is propane hot air, propane in North Conway is not cheap either plus the pellet stove keeps the common area we are in most of the time warm and comfortable evenly all the time while running. Primary heat source once it gets to set temp shuts off and it feels cold even though its at set temp. Not with pellet stove, continues to distribute warm air.
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