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Originally Posted by Cobalt 25 View Post
This same thing happened to me, in the area just described nearby Long Island. I came up behind an MP boat that was idling through that section and passed him. I believe I was more than 150' away as he was exiting the channel. He wrote me up for a fine. I didn't think too much of it and figured I should have waited a bit longer to pass him. Only now, after reading several of these posts, do I realize I was set up.

An therein lies the problem Peter. You did in fact break the law and you have admitted that. However, the fact that Marine Patrol sits in that area or "idl(es) through that section..." is where the real problem lies. This is what really pisses me off. You'd think that there are enough idiots out there breaking the law without Marine Patrol provoking a potential violation. If I had the badge I'd make it a point to motor through that area in a reasonable manner so that I wouldn't even have a chance to provoke a violation. That's just me, that's the way I, as a civilian, do my boating. I make sure to keep way to the right and anticipate a course that can provide others around me ample space to pass legally. Am I asking too much of my marine patrol?


I received a response from Marine Patrol to my email. It wasn't what I had hoped but she did say she had "...addressed (my) concern with various officers who patrol on Lake Winnipesaukee." One can only hope so.
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