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Originally Posted by chipj29 View Post
You know, you brought up an interesting point that I had not thought of. With the recent stories of MP forcing boats into a 150' violation, I wonder if our crying out for increased enforcement of existing laws has led them to do this?
We asked for it, we got it?

They are certainly forcing other boaters to get to headway speed much more often that I have seen in the past. I do not know if they are writing tickets or just giving verbal warnings. I saw this three times last week close to the islands around and south of Bear Island.

When they are doing this, they are moving slow in the water, then as you get close to them, with then on your forward/starboard side, they pick up speed and hold course forcing you to turn or to get down to headway speed. They are, in these circumstances, the stand-on vessel so they are "clean" in the conflict they are causing. It is just that they seem to be more aggressive in forcing you to make a decision this year than they have been in the past.

If they are writing tickets, that is not the ideal situation. However, if they are giving verbal warnings and some meaningful instruction about stand on vessel and the 150' rule, I see that as educational and, as such, a reasonable approach. I have not seen them doing this when I have been the stand-on vessel. This would be worse in my opinion, but no matter how anyone creats a 150' conflict, both boats have to get to headway speed.

Sometimes you have to be careful about what you are asking for and this could be the case regarding the 150' rule. I for one favor enforcement of the 150' rule.

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