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Wish there was a thank button so I can thank Noregrets. great reply to this thread.
In the Concord Monitor, there was a story about a police officer yelling to a biker at the Weirs, 'So you like little kids'. It was very humiliating to the person. There is a lot of comments to this story that is similar to this thread.
While the majority of law enforcement are great people, there are a few that tarnish this image.
My best friend is one of the CO for Nashua Police Dept. He has a boat and was confronted by an MP about rafting in an arera that is not designated a no rafting zone. I remember the argument got heated and my friend said to the MPO that 'he had no respect for others in law enforcement!'. The MPO called for 'reinforcement' when he realized in the other boats were police officers. The MPO was told during the call to 'let it go' and return to base. You can tell the MPO was P.O.ed. It was pretty shocking event to me.
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