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Originally Posted by Lakegeezer View Post
You are right. They are rude. Perhaps that is why some call them pigs. This is a trick the MP pull all the time, and I’ve seen them nab folks with this trick for well over 15 years at the narrows near our place. It is a form of entrapment. Courteous boaters will see another boat coming and maneuver so each can pass the other legally. The MP often shifts direction to force the other to slow down. It is legal harassment, clear and simple. It is just the way some of the MP do their job. I have no idea if they are trained to do this or if it is just their own decision. Of course, it is a fool that does not recognize the well marked MP boats and falls for the trap.
I can live with all the other situations on the lake. Except this one. The one where the MP boat goes headway speed through the narrows in Moultonboro. This is such a perfect example of how the 150 rule SHOULD be bent sometimes to prevent a traffic jam. I have sat behind a MP boat for 20 min + while idling through there several times. It's nearly impossible to follow the law and ever get up to speed. Even when the lake opens up You are still 150' from the boat behind you. You can NEVER speed up legally because everyone is so tight. I feel they are just there waiting to ticket. Very Frustrating.
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