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Originally Posted by Slickcraft View Post
We make the trip from Fay’s or Glendale to Welch and back on a very regular basis and have done so for 10 years, my father-in-law for 28 years prior to that. There has never had an incident with Marine Patrol in all those 38 years.
If we have a complaint it is that they appear somewhat lax in enforcing the 150’ rule and also lax in going after those who fail to give way to the starboard boat.
In 30+ years of boating on Winni I've yet to be hauled over. The only complaint I can register is that on numerous occasions I've seen an MP boat sit just outside a channel or passage such that to avoid a 150' conflict with either the shore or the MP boat you need to come off plane. A better observation place would eliminate this conflict but still allow the MP to see what's going on. It would seem to be a test but it also creates unnecessary wakes as boats have to come off and go back on plane. As if we don't have enough boat wakes w/o the "test".

I see we're now past the black fly beotching part of the season and into the MP flogging part. Skipped the whole loud MC exhaust session this year it seems. Now someone remind me, is it PWC complaints or inconsiderate wakeboarders next ? I've lost my itinerary.
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