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Originally Posted by Major View Post
You are making my point. Either you conform or you get arrested. We can provide some limited assistance, but ultimately the homeless or drug addled person involved is responsible for his own life. If, as a community, we vigorously enforce our laws against homelessness, drug use, drug sales, etc., we will be much better off for it. The homeless/drug user will then be faced with (1) conforming with societal expectations, (2) remain in a cycle of being arrested, imprisoned, set free, arrested, etc., (3) or move to a community that tolerates the behavior. I think we can put together a collection to buy one-way tickets to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle. It appears that these communities tolerate if not embrace this type of behavior. Let them deal with it.
This is just another case of "not in my back yard". Push the problem along on someone else.
As far as homeless go, getting arrested is like giving them a hotel room and a free meal for the night. You think that's going to make them conform? That's never worked.
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