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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
The complaints have already started. See post #53 above. The dive's current mooring location has blocked their view and creates a safety issue according to them.

Hopefully as you said East Coast and the neighbors can come up with so type of arrangement, that is assuming the current location is legal.
Thanks I guess I missed that post....
Definitely blocks the view there is no doubt about that. As far as posing a safety issue well that I would have to be convinced of...

More importantly however it doesn't sound like Winnipesaukee Peir (ECFC) or the DIVE, tried to do a little neighborly conversing before making such a decision. However once again if they have done things correctly, and obtained permits, there maybe very little that the home owners can do. Unless they weren't notified, and there is a stipulation in a permit application that states they needed to be.
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