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Well, it looks like we will have a lot to talk about in regards tot he DIVE.

On the issue of what kind of complaints might come from adjacent property owners, until you know what has been discussed with them, all you are doing is speculating that there may or may not be a problem. I know I would have an issue, but hey if the DIVE came in and said, we will compensate you, it could bring a different twist to the issue...

I would hope and think that ECFC and the DIVE, have done their homework before setting things up...

I think for me the biggest question is just how often is the DIVE, going to leave Port.... If she is out all the time, how they dock her really isn't a big inconvience. However if she is to be there more often then not, and serving food etc. then not only is there a issue with views, and boat maneuvering, but also with smell etc. Which you could argue already exists because of the other restaurants but he, sometime a new restaurant might bring a bad odor....
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