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Default ..... once upon a time, there was a barge ...

It looks like a very fun spot ..... super location ..... does it catch the setting sun shining down Meredith Bay?

This seems like it could be a big success that's here for years and years and years. Perfect coordination of new location and everything else all seem to make it happen ..... plus, the Weirs cam shot is like a huge Hollywood promo for The Dive ..... a fairy tale beginning for The Dive!

Once upon a time, many many years ago ..... The Dive was looking for a real home ..... a home it could call its own ..... not just an anchorage on a sand bar .... but a real home ..... at a dock .... with parking, and location, and venue, and customers, and all that goes into a home for an unusual business like The Dive.

I just wish they could resurrect the old miniature golf course, there, as an overflow activity for The Dive? Just picture a nice little miniature golf course in that triangular, parking lot area, where it always was. Maybe just a 9-hole course and just five or six parking spots could co-exist in that space?
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