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Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
I hope that is not where it is staying, what a terrible location for everyone. Go back to the dock
So, why do you say that? I drove down to it today, and took a look, and can see how the nearby residential homes on Simpson Ave MAY(?) be upset with it clogging up their view, but for everyone else, the Mount Washington and the people on-board The Dive and the boaters who position close by ..... it seems excellent. And, who knows, maybe the local residents really like it there ...... is possible ....after all is The Weirs?

For the people on-board The Dive and the boats nearby, positioned close, and waiting to get on ..... it seems like a great spot. Will boaters be able to drop anchor and get rowed on-board by a valet row boat? From that location, people on board should get a real good dose of the beautiful setting sun streaming down the big long length of Meredith Bay, there, just like out on a boat.

Plus, it gets the freebie advertising advantage of being very close up, showing on the Weirs Cam, which is huge for publicity. You probably cannot buy publicity like this, and The Dive gets it for free. Similarly, do you the viewer, think it is clogging up the web cam shot, or is it a welcome addition sort of like a big fat spider, very up close, on the camera lens?
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