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Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
A poll like that on this forum would mean absolutely nothing. It is quite obvious based on the amount of people that frequent the dive (its packed every day and night at the pier, not to mention at the sandbars) that anyone against it would by FAR be in the minority. Go on their facebook page and look at the support they have.

The person that is complaining bought a home directly next to the pier in the weirs which is zoned commercial...did they really expect serenity??

The pier and the dive did absolutely nothing wrong and the town approved everything as being per their code. There is no argument here whatsoever. They have the right to run their business in a commercial area as they see fit as long as no noise ordinances or other town laws are broken.

In my opinion the Dive has added a lot of visitors to the Weirs. It is where it should be and I cannot think of a better place for it. They will be and have been very successful thus far in that location and I wish them well!

I think a better place for it would be in front of your home.
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