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Default Many other things besides Lyme

Originally Posted by SAB1 View Post
What were they trying to head off? The odds of a tick transmitting Lyme if attached less than 24 hrs is almost nill.
Ticks can transmit many other infections and parasites besides Lyme disease. Lyme has become sort of the catch-all name for tick-borne infections (like Kleenex, Xerox, Jell-O), but it certainly is not the only one. We have family experience with Lyme, Babesiosis and Borrelia. Close friends have had those and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. For the parasites like Babesiosis, it can spread with small exposure. While I agree 24 hours is not much, our family experience was with either from an unseen tick, or one that was on for less than 24 hours.

Vigilance is definitely the rule in our family now after having seen firsthand how devastating the impact can be. That, and good old fashion DEET spray. Good that the ER gave you Doxy as a precaution.
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