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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
I am not a fisherman, but I think it's really cool and a great use of the lake. Stepping back from the species issue--do you agree that fish are generally smaller and do you think there's something we should do to reverse the trend?
In that case these would be the fish in the lake...
Lake Winnipesaukee Native Fish Residents

American eel (catadromous: adults live in freshwater but return to the ocean to spawn; only female American eels enter freshwater to grow and mature for 4-10 years before heading back to the ocean to rejoin the males and spawn in the Sargasso Sea) – note: I placed this species under “resident” since the females are present in the lake for such a substantial amount of time
Bridled Shiner
Brook trout
Brown bullhead (horned pout)
Burbot (cusk)
Chain pickerel
Common shiner
Common white sucker
Golden shiner
Lake trout
Lake whitefish
Rainbow smelt
Round whitefish
Redbreast sunfish
Slimy sculpin
Yellow perch
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