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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
I am not a fisherman, but I think it's really cool and a great use of the lake. Stepping back from the species issue--do you agree that fish are generally smaller and do you think there's something we should do to reverse the trend?
I donít disagree however the introduction of any non native species bass included is probably not best for the lakes ecosystem. While it may seem harmless there could be adverse effects although bass have been in the lake for so long now it probably doesnít really matter much anymore. Iím not a bass fisherman so I canít speak to thier size or population numbers but I typically have a bass or two make a nest around my dock every spring and this year was no different. Two made residence this year and both were pretty decent size. Far as the trout and salmon which is my preference it has been a tough year. As is well known the salmon numbers are down due to stocking problems years ago that are now effecting the fishing but these are all stockers and the fish and game is addressing this just that it will be a few years till they rebound in numbers. Rainbows and lakers remain plentiful and seem to be healthy. No doubt the fishing pressure on winni is high and with modern day electronics make it easier to mark fish but catching still remains a matter of luck. I donít think there is much to worry about but I also am just a recreational fisherman, the hardcore guys may have a different take on things.
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