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Originally Posted by swnoel View Post
Some of the best small mouth fishing in New England is on this lake... pretty sure catch and release is working just fine for over decades.
You can think that, but I have the same observances as SAMIAM.... With over 30 years on this lake in the same spot I know what I used to see and what I see now...

An important note brought up in this thread is the presence of Rock bass which has continued to grow, over the last 10 years......

There is some good Small mouth fishing on the lake... Unfortunately the number of good bass fisherman with good practices is a different story. I watch the various techniques used to de-hook them all the time, with no more the 10 or 20 feet between my eye balls sitting on my dock, and the fisherman catching them. More and more I see less handling of fish and removing the hook properly, and more flicking of the line to get the fish off, which tends to cause damage.

I am all for the rights of fisherman, or anyone that wants to enjoy this lake and what it has to offer.... but those people need to learn how to properly do so an a manor which protects the enviornment.... And that art is getting lost.
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