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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
While I think those mats would be fun, my covid, um, er, girth enhancement requires one the size of half an acre.

Does anyone sell those?
How to get physically fit during the pandemic or for anytime?

Spend about sixty dollars on a 6.5-lb Health Hoops weighted hula hoop with large knobs on the inside, somewhat similar to a reverse circular saw blade. Use it four times/week for about twenty-thirty minutes accompanied by fast, loud, work-out music and you should lose weight, get thinner, eliminate lower back issues, increase mid-body strength, stomach, abs, and core strength. 20-minutes is a very tough hula-hoop workout, at first.

It looks a wee bit odd when using it but so what. .... .... looks like hula-hooping with a large, wide, heavy hula hoop.

Go to Amazon or Ebay and enter 'Health Hoop Korean' and it will add 25-years to your life ......... guaranteed ..... ..... plus it makes it much easier to go for long walks or hikes while carrying a 10-15-lb day pack.

Now, back to those $164.88 floating water mats .... ..... before this thread gets locked up! .... ..... is good for using the water mats as well. ....
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!
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