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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
How could you possibly know that the Steele Dossier was the only basis for the FISA warrants?
Another great source of information on the whole deep state corruption is to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro's show on the Fox news channel on Saturday nights at 9pm. She is a PITBULL. Not bad to look at either (for a 60 something year old woman!!). Her opening monologue is usually pretty interesting... Highly recommended. Most liberals tell me Fox news sucks, Hannity sucks, Rush Limbaugh sucks, etc,etc, "I NEVER listen to them", but you can't possibly get all your news and information from one place. That is just stupid, and makes you stupid. I watch msnbsc (Brian Williams who was fired from NBC nightly news cast for lying about Katrina) in the morning, and cnn when I get home from work till 8pm, and then I switch to Fox for the rest of the night. I hate watching cnn and msnbc, but I do it every day because I'm fascinated to see how far these people will go to spread their BS. It amazes me every day. You need to pay attention to BOTH sides and decide who you are going to trust for the facts. I agree that Fox is slanted to the right, but they are definitely more credible in my book than any other news channel, IMHO. No one from Fox has ever been fired or suspended for intentionally lying about "the facts"!! You have Brian Williams and Dan Rather on the "other side" that have both been fired for lying, but you never really heard about it... NBC did bring Brian Williams back after a "suspension", but he is out of "prime time" and is basically all washed up. So there is a pattern with the MSM that you don't see at Fox. Just the facts. Also, fwiw, another interesting guy to keep an eye on is James O'keefe from Project Veritas. He is doing GOD'S work. Check out his video's on you tube.
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