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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I just want a leader with some class. Someone that won't shock my kids and grand kids when he speaks.
I don't think the president of our great nation should act like a child. I think he could still do a good job without all the trash talk. But that's the culture that he is fostering and it's sad to see.
So you would rather have a leader with class that is driving the country towards socialism, (Obama, or any other Democrat), than a leader that talks more like the electorate that voted him in, and whose policies has the best economy this country has seen in years...?? Not to mention his foreign policies. How "shocked" would your kids be if they lost their freedom to socialism??? Yup, that makes about as much sense as affirmative action, another STUPID Democrat policy!!! The culture has been going down the tubes looooong before Trump got elected. Nice try. I blame the culture on Hollywood, the public school system, main stream media, and political correctness. All Democrat controlled. Do you see the pattern here...??
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