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Default Can do appointments

Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
There is a Barber Shop on Route 28 on the Pittsfield/Chichester town line. Not too far from Bosco Bell.

It is called Danis Barber Shop. They charge $14 and are open at 7:00 am Monday thru Saturday.

I believe all they do are walk ins. They live on site (house in rear) and all the family members come in to assist whenever they get busy so there is rarely ever waiting.

Best thing about them? Price and convenience!
It seems they do appointments. I do think most are walk ins. I have no particular need for other than a "regular" haircut. They offer to trim those pesky eyebrow hairs. They use shaving cream and a straight razor for trimming the area around the ears and nape of the neck. And they finish off by vacuuming around the shoulders and neck area, not just a small brush.

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