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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
What I have seen in the past, is similar to what is going on here..I can't remember the exact name of the order, but is basically done in cases of harassment, prior to a day in court.....What it instructs the police to do is arrest the defendant, if the plaintiff places additional calls to the police department for continued harassment.

Think of it as a Restraining order on drugs.... The police no longer have a choice, to talk to the parties, and asked the defendant to simply leave... if they are called and showup, and the defendant is in the area, be it on their own property on not, they are to be arrested....

Now to be sure, beyond normal harassment the plaintiff has to show that there is a credible sense of endangerment, in the situation to get something like this put in place.... Additionally, this drives a court date in front of a judge which is not optional, unlike a restraining order, which once served only comes back to court, if the defendant wishes to challenge it.
I have to agree there needs to be "a credible sense of endangerment" above and beyond to put this in place.
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