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Default Report on Greenworks dethatching machine: 5 stars

Seeing is believing. Based on the numerous detailed, positive reviews, I paid just $75 on sale for this little 24lb Greenworkds electric corded dethatching machine:

I got 100 feet of 14-gauge cord and tried the machine today. This section of the lawn is under large white pines and receives needles constantly. My lawn has not been dethatched in 25 years.

I was pretty amazed at the results, consistent with the reviews. This machine is very light to maneuver. It makes less noise than my vacuum cleaner and vibrations are not noticeable. I did not find the cord too onerous. What impressed me the most was that it pulled up 90% of the pine needles with one pass. Meaning, it drew them up out of the grass and left them loosely on the surface. Next I got out the leaf blower and blew all the debris to the driveway to be picked up with a plastic manure rake, which will only take a few minutes. Blowing the debris was the most laborious part.

I wouldn't say the machine pulled out a lot of green grass. The debris was mostly pine needles and weeds.

So NO MORE RAKING PINE NEEDLES! The only drawback to this machine that I can see is that if you stand in one place with the tines running, it will dig a bit of hole. If you just tilt it up at the front that won't happen.

I haven't yet used this machine in an area with a lot of thatch rather than pine needles. I will report on that next time.

I recommend this machine! Check it out: Scroll to 2:30 to see how much thatch it picks up.
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