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Default ..... paddle a SUP: no big-money boat slip needed!

Ok, so's just a little off-topic, here, but still on-topic, here, on the high, high, high price for your boat slip at a marina! .....

How to beat the high price for a boat slip and still hit the Lake Winnipesaukee, big lake, waters. Don't want to pay the big bucks for a boat slip, but still want to hit the waters in/on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee!

Well ...... did you know that a stand-up paddle board is considered by the U.S. Coast Guard to be a paddle "vessel" just like a 30' Sea Ray for example is a "vessel", and is a low price vessel for hitting this big lake, Lake Winnipesaukee.

All you need is a roof rack on your car and it costs $2.00, 8-quarters/hours, to park, unload, and launch your sup from a paid parking spot at the beach parking lot at Weirs Beach, on the Weirs channel, and very close to the open water and outer swim rope, out front the swim area and over towards the Mount Washington cruise vessel at the sandy beach at Weirs Beach. ......

Is even cheaper at $1.00, 4-quarters/hour when you park it a short distance away at a parking space on the nearby Lakeside Ave. So ..... one dollar/hour or even two dollar/hours is way, way, way cheaper than a boat slip at a marina ...... plus the sup is a great paddle and balance, aerobic workout and a good way to keep from getting too FAT because it involves exercise while YOU is out in a vessel on the big lake, sharing the water with all the other vessels, out there. ....
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